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Herstory in 3 parts: Repeat, Remove, Create

by polemica

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A_non73 Hillary Binder is truly a radical woman whose voice and vision is needed to be heard, now more than ever!
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REPEAT here we go here we go again guarding the right to choose surviving abuse trafficked, bought and sold shamed for getting old more mansplaining equal pay dreaming judged by what we wear finding fair is rare hidden behind men asking why not when trapped by glass above bashed for who we love here we go here we go again excerpt from The Macho Paradox: why some men hurt women and how all men can help by Jackson Katz Hold my keys as a potential weapon. Look in the back seat of the car before getting in. Lock all the windows when I sleep. Don't put my drink down and come back to it. Own a big dog. Carry Mace or pepper spray. Have an unlisted phone number. Have a man's voice on my answering machine. Park in well-lighted areas. Vary my route home from work. Watch what I wear. Don't wear headphones when jogging. Avoid forests or wooded areas. Go out in groups. Don't make eye contact with men on the street or make assertive eye contact with men on the street. ******************************************************************** REMOVE we see you we hear you we remember Enheduanna Queen Hatshepsut Mahapajapati Hazrat Khadija Umm‘ Ammara Murasaki Shikibu Trota di Salerno Rani Durgavati Catalina de Erauso Artemisia Gentileschi Clara Peeters Aphra Behn Lady Mary Wortley Montagu Emilie du Chatelet Laura Bassi Anne Seymour Damer Olympe de Gouges Nannerl Mozart Harriet Jacobs Ada Lovelace Frances Thompson Kate Sheppard Nettie Stevens Elizabeth Magie Alice Guy-Blaché Lise Meitner Alla Nazimova Maymie De Mena Margaret Sanger He-Yin Zhen Elizabeth O’Farrell Cecilia Payne Marion “Joe” Carstairs Zelda Fitzgerald Pauli Murray Irena Sendler Chien-Shiung Wu Dorothy Irene Height Billy Tipton Rosalind Franklin Marthe Gautier Margaret Keane Jocelyn Bell Burnell Asma Jahangir we remember ******************************************** CREATE what do we do to make herstory, when there’s so little of it to see wonder, imagine, resist and defend be extraordinary above all, we must share our value and worth ignore patriarchal decree no one’s life is determined at birth so, be extraordinary yeah, be extraordinary and make herstory ourstory it can be easy to feel the victim in competition with he but there’s no need for comparison when you’re extraordinary be extraordinary and make herstory ourstory slowly we rise from the shadows, and then all division will cease until and beyond this for us will happen so, be extraordinary yeah, be extraordinary and make herstory ourstory


Herstory in 3 parts: Repeat, Remove, Create is the new conceptual collaborative music project created by polemica.

Herstory contains diverse perspectives, and many levels of visibility and invisibility. Like all histories, it is too often written by those in power, those who did not and cannot make herstory.

Herstory in 3 parts: Repeat, Remove, Create is a musical reflection on the repetition, removal and creation of herstory using music as the tool for the discourse and collaboration as the method to expand the reflection. We all know the music industry is dominated by the patriarchy. We choose to block or subvert this imbalance wherever and however we can, not just for herstory, but for all *stories not created by dominance and abuse of power.

We are grateful to all the people who joined the project and collaborated on the compositions, and look forward to working together again…and again.

And to our listeners:
We welcome your commentary and invite you to join the conversation, with us, or in your own community.
First step, listen.


released April 30, 2020

Herstory in 3 parts:

Ami Yoshida & YukoNexus6

Amy Denio
Jacopo Andreini

Z.A.P. with Romy Brock, Julius Burger and Jörg-Peter Salge

Valeria Agrimi

recorded and compiled 2019-2020
mixing and mastering: Polemica
graphics and video: Polemica

Polemica: Hilary Binder: voice
Zilvio: guitar and synth
Giulio Marino: bass
Vincenzo "Vik" Di Santo: drums




polemica Italy

POLEMICA is the international 4-piece thinkrock band based in Italy. With their new album Breach (2018), POLEMICA continues to assault social injustices and provoke critical questions. POLEMICA completed a promotional tour for Breach in September 2018.

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